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The firm originated in June 1933 when the late John Jackson severed his connection with the firm of Keith & Patrick. He took over two other long-established firms, Matthew Walker and Archibald & Loudon, whose Articled Clerk, studying law at the University of Glasgow, was the late Thomas B Dick. He qualified as a solicitor in 1936/37, and practised as Assistant to John Jackson until the outbreak of the Second World War.

After war service in Burma, Tom Dick rejoined John Jackson in 1946, was assumed as a partner, and the current firm name was adopted. They practised together until John Jackson retired in 1967. During that period, they absorbed another established firm, JF & RA Cassells. John Jackson's son, the late J Wallace Jackson, also by then a partner, retired simultaneously with his father.

Tom Dick briefly continued as sole partner, assisted by his son, Findlay Dick, who was assumed as a partner, along with his wife Jennifer, in 1969. Seven years later, Euan Stirrat joined the firm as an assistant, becoming a partner in 1978. Tom Dick retired the following year, but, sadly, was to enjoy only a few years of retirement.

Jim Botterill & Boyd Tunnock with Findlay Dick (January 1997)

Jim Botterill & Boyd Tunnock help Findlay Dick open our refitted office (January 1997)

After a year as an Assistant, Kenneth Miller was assumed as a partner in 1985. David Darroch came to the practice in late 1995, following 9 years as a partner in another local firm, with the intention of being elevated to partnership in April 1997. That was to have coincided with the semi-retirement of Findlay Dick which, sadly, was pre-empted by Findlay's sudden death in January 1997. Jennifer Dick continued as a consultant until 2003. 1997 was a time of change, as the firm took over Elder & Craigmyle in Strathaven, and have gone on to develop that practice and to base our estate agency business there.

We then had a long period of stability, during which the partnership increased to five partners. However, in early 2012 we were struck by major, unexpected, change. Neil Fraser resigned to move nearer to family in Aberdeen, left with our thanks and best wishes, and has done well in his new career. David Darroch suddenly became seriously ill, was unable to continue as a partner; remained a Consultant, but sadly in June 2014 has decided to surrender his practising certificate. He remains associated with the Firm. Partly triggered by the pressure of these events, another partner decided to pursue a career elsewhere.

From 6 April 2013, the practice was transferred to a limited company, John Jackson & Dick Limited, of which Euan Stirrat and Kenneth Miller are the owner-directors, but for client's purposes, this has no effect on service.

Two weeks before his death in 1997, the late Findlay Dick wrote "We go forward into the future armed with the certainties that we offer an excellent level of service and enjoy a high reputation for integrity and efficiency." In 2014, those sentiments hold as good as ever, and though we will always embrace change, we intend to adhere to those guiding principles.